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Score! Hero v2.04 + Mod – Ultra Soccer Game “Android Championship Points” + Trailer
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Score! Hero Android 2.04 Apk + Mod + Data

Download Latest Score! Hero Android 2.04 Mod Apk along with Full Apk File and OBB Data Files. Score! The Android Hero is one of the best and most popular game that is being downloaded by more than 763915 users from all around the world. There are many features available in Score! Hero for Android Game. With the help of Score! Hero Android 2.04 Mod Apk, you can unlock all the features for free. iTechMods shares Score! Hero Android Full Apk file along with Mod Apk & Score! Hero Android OBB Data for free.

Score! Hero Android Apk is the most downloaded and played game in the Play Store . Lots of people are playing this game and having 5 + Ratings in the Android Market. But this game is very difficult to play without having all the features. With the help of Score! Hero Android Mod Apk you can unlock all the features . The size of the game is around 98 MB. You should have atleast Android 4 + OS installed to run this Score! Hero for Android Game.

Before using this Mod Apk first you should read the instructions on how to install Mod Apk Games & Application . Attachment include Score! Hero Android 2.04 Full Apk File + Mod Apk + OBB Data .

App Name Score! Hero Android Apk
Apk Version 2.04
Downloads 570672 +
Total Ratings 3 + Ratings
Category Games

Download Score! Hero 2.04 – Popular and fantastic soccer game “Android Championship Score” + Mod

Score! Hero is a super-cute and popular football superhero champion from the First Touch Studio for Android smartphones, which builds familiar names games on its brilliant workbook, the popular games that have downloaded millions from Google Play! The game is designed in a step-by-step manner in which you will be able to browse through new features such as a corner, a free kick, and more than 280 levels! Pass, shoot and shoot like fabulous players; in over 500 challenging stages of the game you can turn into a football star! The game environment is fully 3D, allowing you to move freely, penetrate the opponent’s defensive line, and hold the game with professional strokes where the ball drops and goes to the corners of the gate! If you are a fan of football games under no circumstances Score! Do not miss the Hero; we’ve tried to make the initial explanations short and concise and invite you to read the full story to read the full game and read it without a doubt you will not miss the game!

Some features of Soccer Score! Android Hero:

Score game ! Hero is currently rated 4.6 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation, and more than 100 million times it’s been downloaded by Android users around the world. We introduce Android and its mods for the first time . Dear users, we are introducing the first images. View the trailer and then if you would like to receive it.

V2.04 version changes:

* Various optimizations + Bug fixes and game problems

دانلود Score! Hero - بازی فوتبال سبک جدید خارق العاده اندروید + مود + دیتا

You’ve ever played games like Real Football from Gameloft or the FIFA series on your mobile or tablet, you’ve enjoyed their top graphics. But perhaps football, which is quite similar to the PC or Consoles version, does not have much to do with the small display and limited mobile controls. This is where Score! The Hero leaves its winner, the game with very good graphics and a new and exciting gameplay, can enjoy the fans of football and have a good experience on mobile devices.

The way the game is simple is simple, just by moving your finger on the page to determine the direction of the ball. Perhaps at first glance, this mechanism seems very simple and debilitating, but makers with clever elements put on the game, which makes the same simple gameplay awesome. When a player has a ball, the range that can pass the ball or to the gate shots is determined. In fact, you do not have control over his movement, but you simply specify the direction of the ball. The base of the game is to advance to the goal and place a ball in the gate with a perfect shot (which even according to the path you draw can also be a catcher). Although there is almost no freedom to pass a move, however, depending on the player’s position, you can shoot straight into the goal instead of pass and try your chance to score a distance.

Score! The Hero is similar to most mobile games designed in a way that will be added to the game by reviewing new features – such as a free kick and a corner – and, of course, winning the tournament will be even more challenging. Early stages have an educational role and the best route to scoring goals on the ground is determined, but in the next steps, this guide is no longer available. Artificial intelligence is a really good game and, in addition to being the main goal keeper for scoring goals, other players in the team try to cut off their pass and do not do it badly. If you missed a pass or struck a goal that met with the excellent goalkeeper’s reaction, you will return to the beginning of the game and some of your energy hearts will be reduced, but you can prevent this by spending money inside the game, and of course always You can overcome all these restrictions by spending some real money.

The most appealing features of the Score! Hero can be noted for great players’ animations and very good game reporting. The movements of the players when entering the ground or the joy after the ball easily equals the consoles or PES versions, and with such a fairly small volume of play, such a thing seemed even unexpected. In the game, you can also make your own player and change his looks like hair and beard, which you need to spend a few dollars on. Other interesting things include the front page of newspapers that occasionally appear before and after each match, which shows the player’s progress in an attractive way and gives a great variety to the game.

If you own Android devices, there’s almost no reason to try this game. Even if you are not a fan of football, Score! Hero also has features that can fill many hours of unemployment.

Auxiliary source of game critique: Zoomji

Score! Hero Android Mod Apk Screenshots

Score! Hero Android 2.04 apk

Score! Hero Android 2.04 apk

Score! Hero Android 2.04 apk

Score! Hero Android 2.04 apk

Score! Hero Android 2.04 apk

Download Links For Score! Hero Android 2.04 Apk (Mod & Data)

Download Latest Work Score! Hero Android Mod Apk + Full Apk File & Score! Hero Android OBB Files from below given downloading links. If you do not know how to install this all files, then visit this page to learn how to install Android Games & Apps with Mod & OBB files .

Score! Hero Android Version 2.04 Information

App Name Score! Hero Android Apk + Mod
Apk Version 2.04
Last Updated 23rd July 2019
Total Downloads 107035 +
App Size 47 MB
Android Version Required Android 5 +
Ratings 5 + Ratings
Price Free
Update offline
Category Games

  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and above
  • Price on Google Play: Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years
  • Visit this page: 127721 times!

Learn: How To Install Android Game & Apps (With Mod & OBB Files)

Google Play Store Link: Score! Hero for Android

This Score! Hero Android Mod Apk is free to download from iTechMods . Read all the instructions carefully before downloading or installing the Score! Hero Android Apk in your android mobile. There are also lots of other Games available in the Market which you can download for free from our website. If you are stuck anywhere or wants any help, comment at the bottom . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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