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Nobati v2 – “Rotate” app for online switching for Android devices
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Download Nobati 2 – Persian / Farsi Live Chat Now!

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App Name Nobati Apk
Apk Version 2
Total Downloads 822538 +
Ratings 3 + Ratings
Category Applications

Download Nobati 2 – Persian / Farsi Live Chat Now! [Full Premium]

One of the main tasks of Android smart devices is to facilitate the life of the community; smartphones, with support for various programs, offer a variety of solutions to quickly resolve any kind of problem that business owners and businesses with Benefiting from these facilities can expand their business space. Undoubtedly, all of us have come to the offices or doctors over the course of our many years of life, and, in order to meet our needs, we have been in the process of registering, as we know it, the registration of the turning point is a time-consuming process that may sometimes be We occupy several hours of our time. But today, we’re going to fix our problem with the introduction of a great and native app, which should be put at the top of all the business owners of the program. Nobati is the title of an online turnaround application developed and published by the Android E-Commerce Company. It provides a very simple space to save you considerable time and give your organization specific activities. Just as a turn for recipients can be very useful for business owners is also very necessary because in many cases, in addition to increasing the quality of their business, they attract more customers. Now, this starter app supports a variety of businesses, including barberists, doctors, lawyers, and more. It’s best not to miss this app and stay tuned to get it.

Some features of the Nobati Android app:

The Nobati app has been able to capture the attention of thousands of people with a variety of features in order to facilitate the turnaround process; now you can get the most current official version of it from the direct links of the website; only Note that this program is only intended to support programmers and developers , and we have not received any fees for the introduction of this program.

V2 v2 changes:

* Added ability to cancel the turn by turning and receiver turns
* Added ability to drag scroll directions for refresh on pages
* Added the ability to book your own turn-by-turn by entering the contact number of the recipient in person or by telephone to send SMS
* Added the ability to receive notifications at the time of posting a new comment for turn-by-turn posts
* Added ability to cancel and enable SMS and notification
* Added online payment function after booking the turn-by-the-day appointments chosen.
* Added content tab (content and all content)
* Added slider to home screen
* Change app ui / ux
* Changes in the view of the occupation category and the display of occupations
* Added advanced search page
* Change the app’s menu down
* Change the splash plan
* Change the app’s top menu
* Optimize and increase the speed of the loaded content


Nobati Screenshots

Nobati 2 apk

Nobati 2 apk

Nobati 2 apk

Nobati 2 apk

Nobati 2 apk

Nobati 2 apk

Download Nobati 2 – Persian / Farsi Live Chat Now! [Free]

Download the latest version of Nobati Premium + Mod Apk along with the Full Apk File . If you do not know how to install this all files, then visit this page to learn how to install Android Games & Apps with Mod & Pro files .

Nobati Apk Version 2 Information

App Name Nobati Apk
Apk Version 2
Last Updated 19th August 2019
Total Downloads 369538 +
App Size 47 MB
Android Version Required Android 4 +
Ratings 3 + Ratings
Price Pro For Free
Root No Root
Category Applications

  • Price on Google Play: Free
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Google Play Store Link: Nobati

The Nobati 2 Premium Pro Mod Apk is completely exclusive to our daily readers. If you find any difficulty in downloading or installing, you can contact us at any time via contact form or below comments. This Nobati Apk is downloaded more than 768017 time from our website.

We hope you get the full version of Nobati apk with Mod & Premium Data . Nobati 2 Premium Mod Awesome.

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