Latest iGap Apk [Mod + Data]

iGap v0.6.3 – The iGap messenger application for tablets and Android phones
The original and official version of the application is to request a collection of your loved ones

iGap 0.6.3 Apk + Mod + Data

Download the latest iGap 0.6.3 Mod Apk along with Full Apk File and OBB Data Files. is one of the best and popular Igap Game which is being downloaded by more than 180621 users from all around the world. There are many features available in iGap Game. With the help of iGap 0.6.3 Mod Apk, you can unlock all the features for free. iTechMods shares iGap Full Apk file along with Mod Apk & iGap OBB Data for free.

iGap Apk is the most downloaded and played game in the Play Store . Lots of people are playing this game and having 4 + Ratings in the Android Market. But this game is very difficult to play without having all the features. With the help of iGap Mod Apk you can unlock all the features . The size of the game is around 107 MB. You should have atleast Android 4 + OS installed to run this iGap Game.

Before using this Mod Apk first you should read the instructions on how to install Mod Apk Games & Application . Attachment include iGap 0.6.3 Full Apk File + Mod Apk + OBB Data .

App Name iGap Apk
Apk Version 0.6.3
Downloads 869833 +
Total Ratings 5 + Ratings
Category Games

Download iGap 0.6.3 – Iranian iGap Messenger app for Android + Windows

In the past few years, as technology has become more advanced and expanding around the world, we have seen the delivery of various messengers that have been able to attract a large percentage of users, and among the most popular among them Process. Unfortunately, the progress of social networking and the native messenger has been very slow and we’ve only seen some apps in this area. According to the list of messengers published by developers, perhaps one of the best of them is IP-Chat, which we intend to introduce in this post. iGap – The iGap messenger is the name of a popular and highly secure messenger for Android, developed by RooyeKhat Media and released in the Google Play Magazine as a global software application. This messenger cleverly enjoys a unique encryption algorithm to easily and quickly communicate with and exchange with your friends. As you may have heard of the explanation, one of the most important reasons for the program’s popularity among users of Android Farsi is its high security, which even developers have given it an award to the person who infiltrates the information, which is also Tell everything! All information is exchanged for free on internal cloud servers, which according to the developer there is no limit to the use of these servers. Create your own multi-thousandth groups or channels, and share important and valuable file types without any volume or quality constraints. Additionally, you need to know that apart from Android, there are other versions of this software for different platforms, all of your account information is synced between them. It’s better not to miss this secure messenger and stay tuned to get it.

Some features of the iGap Android app:

With its extraordinary security and high speed, iGap has captured more than 1,000 downloads and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google’s external and external users, which can now download its most recent official and original version. Receive high-speed web servers.

Talking to ever-end users of Forex : After the unplanned filtering of the telegram and the loss of a channel of +60,000 people, all of whom are your loved ones, it’s a very real one, one person in time We were a little bit tired; we were very upset; we decided that we would no longer be active in any message, if we needed to make a decision; instead of using Messenger, we would create our own special program. ]; Many users also send messages with the message “Do not send messages, in front of the FTP filter panel, you too Take revenge and do not introduce the messenger … “They have been reminded us to do this and do not let the view that all of them are respectful to us, but … we will not in any way mix politics with us in Farsi. And we have nothing to do with these issues and we decided to introduce them to you freeroll users looking for internal messengers! Forex will not give you any guarantees or warranties regarding this messenger; we hope that by solving the problems of the day it will become more powerful and attract users’ attention – again, we repeat that We will not be active in any messenger + We hope you do not get upset about this and understand us too!

Changes Version v0.6.3:

* There are no changes to this version in Google Play.


iGap Mod Apk Screenshots

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

iGap 0.6.3 apk

Download Links for iGap 0.6.3 Apk (Mod & Data)

Download latest work iGap Mod Apk + Full Apk File & iGap OBB Files from below given downloading links. If you do not know how to install this all files, then visit this page to learn how to install Android Games & Apps with Mod & OBB files .

iGap Version 0.6.3 Information

App Name iGap Apk + Mod
Apk Version 0.6.3
Last Updated 23rd July 2019
Total Downloads 643162 +
App Size 49 MB
Android Version Required Android 4 +
Ratings 4 + Ratings
Price Free
Category Games

  • Android Requirements: 4.0.3 and above
  • Price on Google Play: Free
  • Visit this page: 10237 times!

Learn: How To Install Android Game & Apps (With Mod & OBB Files)

Google Play Store Link: iGap

This iGap Mod Apk is free to download from iTechMods . Read all the instructions carefully before downloading or installing iGap Apk on your android mobile. There are also lots of other Games available in the Market which you can download for free from our website. If you are stuck anywhere or wants any help, comment at the bottom . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you all get the files of iGap 0.6.3 Mod Apk + Data . Bookmark this page to get more updates on iGap Apk (MOD + DATA) .

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